Our Best Jobs So Far – The Collective Mess We Saved Clients From

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Gilbert Plumbing & Heating has been in the heating replacement service Indianola IA industry for many years. We have come across many faults and problems during the stretch, some of which have been challenging and some which were really not. But there are some problems which are very common, the stuff we come across almost too often.

Brief history of our services

Steve V Gilbert Sr. did an installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system in 1982 and that stems the date when Gilbert Plumbing & Heating was started, the following year, with only three employees. In 1990 we partnered with Water Furnace International to do awesome things, and in 2011 we partnered with Lennox Industries as a Premier Dealer. The business grew continuously, and in March 2012 we had a 50000 square foot warehouse in Leon, one we could serve you better. Recent changes have just taken place, we became a Daikin Comfort Pro Dealer in 2014 and started working with National Radon Defense on new projects.

Problems clients face

There are a lot of different problems which are met by clients, some of which are simple to solve, even by clients getting their hands dirty themselves, and others which need us to come to their rescue. Because of the limited space here we are going to list just a few problems which are met by clients through heating replacement service Indianola IA.

  • Unit not turning on – when this happens the first step is to check the breaker or isolator for the heating equipment. If it is fine check the batteries of the thermostat and see if they still have power. Other places to check include the disconnect switch and if the service door is in place. If these steps do not work or works but the sound is not well switch off the machine and call a professional like Gilbert Plumbing & Heating.
  • Low airflow – this is usually the fault of the filter, caused by a filter which would be dirty or clogged. Usually a filter is made dirty by dust or other small substances which are blocked from entering the machine. If filters are dirty it results in your machine overworking. Wash or clean your filters monthly and change them when the need arises.
  • Puddles – there is always condensation taking place in a HVAC machine. This water is taken out of the machine through plastic pipes to the outside. This pipe (drain pipe) can be dirty and must always be clean. To clean it use the method of pouring a mixture of vinegar and water into the drain pipe. If the pipe is clean, put it back in place.

heating replacement service Indianola IA

What we do to bring back comfort

As Gilbert Plumbing & Heating we are professionals in heating replacement service Indianola IA and our objective is to make you, our client smile always when we do business together. We make sure that we bring back your comfort by fixing your problems once and for all professionally and under friendly conditions like low pricing. Unlike other companies we make sure that our work is done by qualified technicians so that we do not damage your property or leave you with even a greater problem than you called for. Get in touch with us on 641-446-4822 for the best solutions whatever the HVAC problem you may be facing we always have someone waiting to hear you out.