Keeping Your Home Warm in Winterset

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Our current market is filled with a lot of HVAC service providers. You deserve to have the best and you should not settle for anything other than perfection. Even if you are looking for heating repair services in Winterset, IA, you deserve an HVAC service provider who understands all aspects. At, Gilbert Home Comfort, we value your time and money. We will give you the best quality services in the industry. We here at Gilbert Home Comfort believe that our customer should have maximum comfort and our services are geared at making that a reality

Our Services

1. Indoor air quality

In order to live a longer life, you deserve quality air. That’s why you need indoor air quality systems that will ensure that you take in good quality air. Our services are catered to ensuring that you take in the best air, thus maintaining your healthy status. It is for that reason that we offer our highly trained and experienced air testing experts. They will come with their instruments and test the air. Also, they provide expert advice on how to ensure that your air remains of high quality.

2. Heating

Heat is a very important aspect of our lives. Insufficient or lack of heat may lead to health issues. It’s for that reason we have tailor made our services to ensure that you receive sufficient heat all throughout your home. In addition to having sufficient heat we will ensure that you continue having maximum comfort at your home and at your workplace, especially during the winter season.

Installation of the heating system is crucial. You need an HVAC service provider who understands all aspects of proper installation. Apart from installation, we will guide you through the whole process as different households require different heating systems. We help choose which heating system will work at your home or workplace. Gilbert Home Comfort will take you step by step through the whole process.

3. Repair

Many people face difficulties in finding the quality heating repair services in Winterset, IA. Our highly trained staff will ensure that we repair your heating system and ensure that it continues operating at maximum efficiency.

4. Ductless Mini Split

Our current building structures leave a small space for installing an AC system. For this reason, there was the introduction of the ductless system. We offer proper installation of the ductless mini split. This ductless system has more advantages as compared to the traditional air conditioning system. Apart from minimal space it occupies, it also produces less noise.

5. Geothermal

In the current world, there is a lot of wasteful emissions which affects all of us. That is why we have experts working on geothermal power, to ensure that we reduce the emission of harmful products into the environment. Apart from being environmentally friendly, it is also cheaper.

6. Installation of Spray Foam

Do you know that houses loses heat through the walls? In order to reduce the loss of heat, we install spray foam in the home and your office. Apart from preventing loss of heat, it protects your house from the growth of molds.

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