Heating Replacement Specialists

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Gilbert Home Comfort, a leader in heating and cooling. 30 Years of service excellence and innovation have kept us ahead of the game.

Why Choose Us

Our message is plain and simple, guaranteed service satisfaction backed up by amazing staff and equipment that services you. We provide you, our customers with the comfort and control over your home and environment while reducing your monthly utility costs. Service, workmanship, and cost saving.


Our heating and cooling services are truly in a different class.

We offer trouble shooting exercises to evaluate where your weak point or fault in your system lies and we offer options on how to effectively rectify the problem at as little cost to you as possible.

We provide installation services of new equipment. HVAC, air conditioners, heaters, filtration systems, ducting as well as any additional equipment which may be required.

Heating systems have many elements which need to be installed correctly and work as a unit in order to gain the most from the system. Heat sources come in various types and are not limited to boilers, electric heaters and furnaces. These are all specialized pieces of equipment that require skill and knowledge to install, skill and knowledge which our qualified technicians have at their disposal.

There are times when equipment fails or breaks down, this is the nature of anything mechanical. Sometimes it could have been avoided through regular maintenance but at other times, it is unavoidable and without obvious reason.  Our technicians will carefully evaluate the equipment and the extent of the damage and offer you  informed and educated advice on whether repairs to the unit are worth the money or replacement is a better option. Transparency and honesty are things we work on in order to develop lasting relationships with our customers.

If your unit or equipment should be beyond repair, our heating replacement service Indianola  IA  are efficient at performing the replacement operation and completing it will ease. You may not even realize we are there, quick, clean and efficient.

Call Gilbert Home Comfort today to evaluate your equipment and supply you with a cost-effective solution. Gilbert Home Comfort (641)446-HVAC.