Carbon Footprints, a Thing of The Past

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Gilbert Home Comfort, the only provider in heating and cooling. 30 Years of service excellence and innovation in environmentally friendly products and renewable energy use have kept us ahead of the our competitors in this ever developing world.

Why Choose Us

We don’t have to blow our own horn to get the support we need from our community. Our service and reputation speak for themselves.

Guaranteed satisfaction, quality workmanship, service that is well above the norm, and extra services for your convenience.

Technicians that are well-trained, experienced, and qualified in their chosen fields and with a disposition that is welcoming and pleasing. We are service driven in every way and we aren’t happy with anything but the best of everything. We can’t wait to complete a job just to see that satisfied smile on the face of our customer.

Your satisfaction keeps us going.


With the world moving in the direction of saving the planet and the environment, we would be silly not to explore the technology and advancements involved in the movement. We care for the planet and saving it for our future generations to enjoy.

Geothermal energy for homes Sun Valley Lake is a reflection of how we are choosing to save the planet, one heating and cooling system at a time.

WaterFurnace is how we have advanced and is the most enviromentally friendly option when it comes to heating and cooling in your home or in the commercial sector. The systems are efficient in function and have been proven to be even more efficient for heating and cooling your home than even the classic methods used in most residential applications.

Described by the EPA as the most friendly heating and cooling option when referring to the effects on the environment.

The system is cost-effective to function but as an added benefit there are many tax breaks and rebates offered by Federal, State, and local government bodies. The world is moving towards saving the environment and this is the governments way of encouraging more and more tax paying citizens to go green.

Geothermal systems are becoming the norm slowly but surely. More and more people are beginning to take stock of the world around us and find solutions to the massive carbon footprint we, the human race, are leaving behind us. The solution has arrived, WaterFurnace will be your small part for the environment but as a nation that small part could become a mass of considerable proportions.

Go green, show you care for our environment and do your part to save out planet. The benefits to the planet are substantial and even more so on your pocket.

Call Gilbert Home Comfort today. Go green and choose the geothermal route. Gilbert Home Comfort (641)446-HVAC.