Geothermal Heating Iowa

The notion of geothermal energy conjures up a vision of volcanos and hot steams. Most of us associate geothermal heating with natural underground heating, which is impossible to channel for home or office use. In contrast, geothermal energy is an efficient and viable energy source worldwide.

Basics of geothermal energy

It is easier to harness geothermal energy than solar or wind-sourced energy. If you were to go down a hole in the earth, you would notice that the temperature rises the farther you sink. It only takes natural functions beneath the planet to generate enough heat for your needs. The bottom line is that geothermal heat depends on heat from rocks and waters inside the crusts.

Why is my geothermal not heating? Geothermal heating harnesses the heat energy from under the ground surface and converts it to warm air via geothermal heat pumps. Is it too good to be true? Geothermal energy is not restricted to specific locations but may be more potent in areas with frequent volcanic activity.

Who needs geothermal energy?

Is it possible to use geothermal energy as a heat source? Geothermal energy is typical for two different applications – residential and industrial properties.

  • Homes – Geothermal energy allows you to cool down your home’s temperatures during hot periods by transferring heat from the house to the ground surrounding the underground pipe. The reverse process takes place in winter to move heat into the home.
  • Farming – Geothermal is regular in greenhouses that do not have conducive temperatures from the environment. An example is that greenhouses with citrus trees need geothermal heating during winter to produce significant yields. Another field of geothermal energy in farming is fish farms, which survive on the heat during cold seasons.
  • Industries – The energy is typical for drying different vegetables and fruits and extracting metals.
  • Infrastructure – The energy sustains widely used roads in some countries by preventing icing.

Can you afford geothermal heating in Iowa?

Is geothermal heating expensive to run? The price of installing and maintaining the system largely depends on the type and size of system you require. The reason behind the general conclusion depends on several determinant factors, including the following:

  • Soil type
  • Size of land
  • The system’s configuration
  • Accessibility of the site

Geothermal costs and benefits also depend on the federal and state regulations’ specific incentives. It is essential to note the US government has favorable terms for large geothermal energy systems, making it a competitive alternative among fossil fuels.

How long does geothermal heating last?

Gilbert Home Comfort has geothermal systems that last for a considerably long time. The normal residential one will work impeccably smooth for up to 50 years with minimal maintenance. Our systems have few moving parts, and the installation team installs the structure deep beneath the ground to ensure minimal maintenance.

What is the best time to install geothermal heating in Iowa?

Climate change is at a volatile stage, with consistent global heat records, new sea levels, and devastating storms. Shifting to sustainable energy makes a difference on the planet while improving your energy sources. Reach out today ( (641) 446-HVAC) to learn more about our geothermal heating and cooling in Des Moines and a free quotation for your specific project.

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