What is More Important than Home Comfort?

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Looking for heating repair in Norwalk, IA? There are a lot of companies offering HVAC services, but you need the best in the industry. We value your money and understand the great hustle you go through in order to feed your family, so you need to be assured that the services you will receive will be of the best quality. We assure you the highest quality services in the industry. We, Gilbert Home comfort, believe that our customer is our greatest asset, thus your satisfaction is our aim. We offer a range of services to meet your HVAC needs.

Our services

1. Indoor air quality

It is of greatest important that we understand the importance of having great air quality within our house and working environment. It ensures that we maintain our health status and that our workers have the best working conditions thus maximum productive. We at Gilbert Home quality believe that you should have the best quality of air, thus to ensure you get the best air quality, we have various services catered for that.

Air testing experts. Although they are various air testing kits in the market, we offer better air testing because we have a team of experienced experts who have better equipment

2. Heating

It’s of great importance that we receive maximum heat throughout the winter season. Having efficient heat will make you have maximum comfort at your home and at work. Thus we at Gilbert Home comfort have services tailored at ensuring that you realize maximum comfort in your place of work and home.

Many people have difficulty in choosing which heater is best for your household. We, Gilbert home comfort will ease your burden by taking you step by step in what would best work for your home and place of work.

3. Repair

Many people face difficulties in finding the quality heating repair in Norwalk. We assure that we will provide quality heating repair for your HVAC equipment and you will continue receiving maximum heat all throughout the season. There is nothing awful as having heater or furnace which is not working properly during the winter.

4. Ductless Mini split

Sometimes you may have difficulties in finding enough space to install properly an air conditioning system. In such situations, you need to place ductless system. We offer proper installation of the ductless mini split. The ductless mini split has a variety of advantages as compared to the traditional option. These advantages include:

  • Less noise
  • Can be controlled with ease
  • Occupy less space

5. Geothermal

We believe that the future is in geothermal power. This is because geothermal energy is more efficient, meaning it has higher energy production. It’s cheaper when compared to another form of energy. Also, it is environmentally friendly when compared to traditional means of energy production.

heating repair in Norwalk, IA

6. Installation of Spray foam

Do you wish to reduce energy loss and maintaining warm air in your house? Then you should install spray foam in the home and your office. It greatly reduces energy loss in your home and office. It will also protect your family from air pollutants and reduces the chances of growth of mold.

What’s next?

So if you are looking for heating repair in Norwalk, IA, you can get in touch with us through 641-446-4822, or you by visiting our offices.