The kids are coming home for summer, is your AC ready?

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“I can’t wait ‘til summer! Only a few more weeks!” Sound familiar? Kids are always counting down the days until summer starts. Freedom, fun, and lots of time at home are top priorities at their age. With the kids about to spend more time at home, make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep them cool between playing in the sun and hanging out with friends at the house.

Gilbert Home Comfort helps you prepare for the season.

As an Iowa homeowner, you can get ready with these easy steps brought to you by Gilbert Home Comfort. We are a locally owned HVAC company here to make your life easier. We specialize in heating and cooling maintenance. Check out our Google reviews to hear what people in the community have to say. We continue to grow based on word of mouth from satisfied customers all over Warren and Centerville.

What every Iowa homeowner needs to do

  1. Start with a filter change. If you’re not already on a monthly to bi-monthly schedule for changing your air filter, you should be. Set up a calendar reminder on your phone. This critical step allows airflow through your AC and prevents excess dirt from escaping inside it to cut down on performance and shorten its lifespan.
  2. Get your seasonal air conditioning maintenance in Warren, IA from Gilbert Home Comfort. At least once a year, schedule a professional technician out to take care of your AC. You’ll be ready for the season with the cleaning, testing, and lubrication performed by our expert hands. We use a thorough checklist to make sure each part of your air conditioner is running at its best. We clean the inside and restore your AC’s airflow with this approximately one hour visit. Maintenance improves your AC’s performance and allows us to catch needed repairs while they are small and relatively easy to fix.
  3. Clean the outdoor condenser unit. Turn off the power to your AC first using not only the switch on your AC but also the fuse box. Use a hose to wash down the condenser unit. Make circular and up and down motions to get out dirt, sticks, leaves, and debris that accumulate over the winter months and can interfere with the mechanical parts inside.
  4. Check ductwork. Have your technician check and repair ductwork if needed or do an inspection and fix it on your own. By patching leaks in the ductwork, you’ll get the maximum airflow from your AC unit and save on energy bills. Air duct repair also helps restore more even cooling around the home because bursts of air can’t escape unevenly through drafts around the home.

Gilbert Home Comfort is your trusted local source for friendly and professional air conditioning maintenance in Warren, IA. If you need help getting your AC ready for the long summer days, give us a call now at 641-446-HVAC.