Removing Radon from Your Home

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There are various techniques you can use to reduce the levels of radon in your home. Today, radon mitigation systems that make it easy for contractors to fix any home have been developed. Recent statistics show that about 6% of homes around the country have elevated levels of radon. To find out whether your home is among these, you can contact a radon abatement contractor to perform some tests.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. If your home has high levels of the gas, you will need a new radon installation system to extract the gas out. Depending on the foundation of your house, radon contractors will install a system of plastic pipes to extract the gas from the soil beneath.

When the pipes are being installed, they will be extended through concrete slab on the basement. The pipes have to be extended into the soil to extract the air rich in radon. If your home has a crawl space foundation with a dirt door, a plastic sheet may have to be placed on top of the crawl space walls.

The Radon Extraction Process

The suction used to extract radon gas from beneath the house and blow it outdoors is provided by a special fan. When the radon-rich air is extracted outdoors, it diffuses harmlessly into the atmosphere. The fan is a critical piece in the radon abatement system as it supplies the suction.

The fans used in radon abatement systems are different from conventional fans. These fans come with different speed and power ratings. An experienced radon installation company will have the right fan for the pipes to be penetrated into the soil beneath your home. The fan to be used will depend on the density of the soil and length of the pipe run.

When you need a new radon installation system in your home, contact an experienced company like Gilbert Home Comfort for advice.