Make a Springtime Investment in Your Home

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Spring is on it’s way, and that means a warmer season ahead where you and your family will want to be comfortably cool indoors. It’s a great time to consider our services at Gilbert Home Comfort for air conditioner replacement in Centerville, IA.

When you’re considering updating your AC to a newer model, here are some of the benefits.

  • Less worries about breakdowns and repairs. A newer AC won’t have the wear and tear you’ve put on your older AC over the years. It also often comes with a warranty for the first few years as well. This is an especially nice benefit if you have found yourself dealing with more and more frequent repairs over the last few years. Those are the kind of signs telling you that old air conditioner is on it’s way out.
  • Energy savings every month. Check out a SEER savings chart and a SEER savings calculator to see how you’ll save over time. Air conditioners have gotten much more efficient over the last few years, and those dollars in savings quickly add up to pay for that initial investment of purchase and installation. We recommend you find out your annual spending on cooling the home when you talk to us about your current model.
  • Avoid costly recharges of older coolant. Freon or R-22 is being phased out for more environmentally friendly coolants that don’t eat into the Earth’s ozone layer. The government has banned production by 2020. Because freon is now in a limited supply, the price is expected to go up steeply over the next few years. The EPA wants people to know getting a newer AC is better for the environment. We think it’s important you know hanging onto an older model is going to cost you more and more in the long run.

Air Conditioner Replacement Centerville IA

  • Stop worrying about leaks. If you’ve had a refrigerant leak, HVAC technicians usually give two options, but neither is a permanent solution to the issue. Either they do a recharge on your AC without finding and fixing the leak or they find it and patch it before refilling your coolant. While recharging without fixing the leak is less expensive, it obviously means the problem will continue, and your system will slowly leak again and need another recharge. The other solution of fixing the leak is also a temporary stop-gap because the leak could return or start in another area. Replacement takes away this problem.
  • High air quality. A newer model means extremely high performance and air filtering for your home. If you’ve noticed a lot of dust gathering around the house, a newer HEPA filter model will help reduce that as well as help allergy sufferers in your home get relief from springtime pollens.

These are just a handful of the benefits of a newer AC model. If you’re on the fence or ready to get air conditioner replacement in Centerville, IA, we can help. Give Gilbert Home Comfort a call today at 641-446-HVAC. We’re excited to earn your business, whether you’re a repeat customer or a new one!