Iowa’s Hidden Treasure

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Gilbert Home Comfort. Professional heating and cooling systems for 30 years. We have been in the business of satisfying customers in the Iowa region for years and we have built a reputation that will not be beaten.

Why Choose Us

  • Market leaders
  • Innovative ideas
  • Competent, trained, service driven staff
  • Friendly attitude
  • 24 Hour emergency services
  • Good, solid workmanship and quality equipment

If that isn’t reason enough to choose us as your preferred service provider, I don’t know what is.


Our heating and cooling services have developed and progressed over time, changes in technology and changes in the requirements of our customers keep us constantly on our toes, seeking better ways to service our customers efficiently.

Our installation services are clean and completed in a time that will leave you awe struck. Our workmanship is immaculate and our service flawless.

We believe that after service is often more important than the installation itself and we make a concerted effort to follow up with our customers and find out how their system is treating them and if they have any complaints or questions.

We encourage our customers to regularly maintain their systems to prolong the life and improve efficiency.

Our heating maintenance service Osceola IA is something to be proud of.

Our customers are guaranteed satisfaction or the job is not completed. We leave when you are happy.

Heating systems are complex systems that require advanced expertise and this is what we offer with our heating maintenance service, staff that are competent in all areas of heating systems.

We provide for our customers in more ways than one.

Call Gilbert Home Comfort and take advantage of what we know, we are only to happy to share our knowledge to enrich you life. Gilbert Home Comfort (641)446-HVAC.