Iowa, The Home of the only HVAC Professionals

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Gilbert Home Comfort are the professionals when we speak of contractors who know what they are doing in the heating and cooling industry. 30 Years of experience has put us at the front of the pack and we continue to lead with excellence. The years servicing our loyal community in the Iowa and surrounding areas have brought with them experience which can never be taken away from us. We continue to grow and progress with the times and with our customers needs.

Why Choose Us

Since 1983 we have been the contractor of choice in Iowa and we have never failed to deliver to expectations.

Impeccable service, cost-saving options, workmanship that is top class, and no obligation quotations are only a few of the reasons that our customers keep returning.

24 Hour emergency services offer peace of mind that we have your back should disaster rears it’s ugly head. Affordable rates even if you need us at a seemingly crazy hour. Affordable prices is enough to peak even a sceptics interests, the high cost of living is such that anything that is affordable is worth a second look.

We are the best and we provide only the best to the best, our customers.


Heating and cooling is what we know best and we will do our best to provide only the best service and products to our customers.

Heating and cooling systems installations, heating maintenance service Creston IA, heating repairs, ducting maintenance ,and foam insulation is what we do best and we strive to provide only the finest service to our deserving customers.

New building installations are no match for our competent installation teams and we are easily able to complete the task without any problems. We will provide our services with as little discomfort to you, the customer, as possible and it won’t be long until you can experience the wonder that is temperature and environment control, all at the touch of a button.

Call Gilbert Home Comfort for the works, we do it all and we do it with a smile. Gilbert Home Comfort (641)446-HVAC.