Install Radiant Flooring for Energy-Efficient Comfort

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Are you looking for a different, modern and eco-friendly way to heat and cool your home? Traditionally, HVAC units with a heating side, usually a furnace, and a cooling side, or a central air conditioner, have been the go-to mechanical applications to provide year-round comfort. However, a newer technology called radiant flooring is gaining popularity as a way to keep your family comfortable. The professionals at Gilbert Home Comfort have installed many radiant floor systems for happy customers looking for cutting-edge technology.

How Radiant Floors Work

Radiant floors can be installed on concrete slabs or on wooden subfloors, with fasteners holding the elements in place until a concrete layer is added. For concrete slabs, tubing or heating elements are often embedded in the concrete with a layer of insulation placed underneath the slab to minimize heating or cooling losses into the ground. When cooling is required, tubes filled with water or a special coolant circulate through the floor hydronically to chill it. The same tubing is heated in winter to produce heat.

Radiant floors alter temperature in a room by working from the ground up. Because your feet are in contact with the floor, you automatically feel the heat or coolness more. Many users of radiant flooring are able to adjust their thermostats by two degrees Fahrenheit up or down, depending on the season, saving even more on energy.

Other Advantages of Radiant Flooring

When our professionals perform floor heat installation in your home, you won’t have to worry about changing filters or dirty air circulating, so you’ll see an increase in indoor air quality. Many residences can experience annual utility savings of up to 60%. Your installation may also qualify for LEED energy credits, further adding to savings. For more information about radiant flooring in your southern Iowa or northern Missouri home, contact us at 641-446-7924.