Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Many people don’t realize that the quality of air in their own home is often much worse than what is found outdoors. While you might be concerned about pollution from motor vehicles, manufacturing plants and other big businesses, it’s important to understand how the indoor air quality in your own home can be affecting you even more than outdoor air pollution.

What causes poor indoor air quality?

One of the biggest contributors to low quality indoor air is the move towards more energy efficient homes. Of course, energy efficiency is important; however, tightly sealed doors and windows means that today’s homes have less fresh air. Added to the fact that most people no longer open windows to let in a fresh breeze is the fact that toxic fumes from adhesives used in everything from furniture to carpets as well as the recirculation of pet dander, pollen and other common indoor irritants, can quickly lead to a reduction in indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality and Health

Many people experience a wide range of health issues such as respiratory problems, allergies or simply a general feeling of malaise. Symptoms might present themselves as itchy watery eyes, frequent colds or allergy problems as well as poorly controlled COPD or asthma. Consider the amount of time you spend in your home and how being exposed to poor indoor air quality can impact the overall well-being of your family.

How Homeowners can Improve the Air Quality in Their Home

At Gilbert Home Comfort, we offer a number of excellent resources to help homeowners in southern Iowa improve the quality of air in their home. We can test the air quality in your home and provide professional installation of an air filtration system for better IAQ.

When you want to improve indoor air quality in your home, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.