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Troubleshooting Ways You Can Perform for a Malfunctioning Furnace

Heating systems help people get through the cold weather in order to remain comfortable at home. Warm memories can be built as the members of the house bond with each other. These memories may last forever, but the warm experience from the furnace might not. There can be issues with the heating system that could occur.

But there is nothing to be worried about. Every issue has a resolution. You can rely on heating repair Indianola IA, but before you call any repair company, you should try these basic troubleshooting ways for a malfunctioning furnace.

  • Check the filter
    Sometimes, it could just be because of a dirty filter that your furnace is not working. The common indicator is when your furnace blows cold air after one to five minutes. That cold air comes from the fan. Try to replace the filter. Wait for three to five minutes before turning the thermostat on, and see if it will work.
  • The pilot should stay on
    Investigate your pilot. Is it on? If you have an older style of heater, the pilot should stay on. If you cannot identify it, it somehow looks like a wall or floor furnace. It is dangerous that it is not stayed on because the furnace could explode. If you are experiencing difficulties in turning it on, contact a gas company, and they will relight it for you. If the issue has something to do with the furnace, you will need to contact a heating repair Indianola IA.
  • Inspect the light indicator on control board
    There is a light on the control board of the furnace. It is an indicator light, and it can be found on newest furnaces. Depending on its problem, it will create a unique blink. To be able to identify it, you can check the sticker that has information about it inside or outside the door of the furnace.
  • There could be no gas
    Logically, if your furnace is out of gas, it won’t emit heat. So, check the gauge if there is still gas. If there is none, you should contact a gas company to have it refilled.
  • See if there is power
    Your heating system will not work if there is no power. The first thing that you must do before opening your furnace’s power system is to check if the fan of your thermostat is working. If it turns on, you have no power issues for your furnace.

Still Not Working?

If these basic troubleshooting ways did not help in making your furnace work, and you need to contact a Heating Repair Indianola IA, we can assist you to get your problem solved. We at gilberthomecomfort.com will do our best to make your home a comfortable place to live in no matter how freezing cold the season could be. Find out, schedule your appointment through our website today!