Heating Maintenance Service in Creston IA

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Winter can be unpleasant with the cold winds making it a chore to go outside. Most would rather stay inside their homes where their heating system can keep them warm. Make sure that you have a dependable shelter from the cold by maintaining your heater. Find professionals that can perform the complex tasks on a regular basis. If you live in Creston, then consider us at Gilbert Home Comfort Inc.

Make It a Habit

Professional maintenance only needs to be performed once every year. You can ask for a one-time service or get a long-term contract for additional benefits. For heaters, this is usually scheduled in the fall which is the perfect time to prepare for the winter. It’s not yet too cold so turning off the system for the inspection shouldn’t cause too much discomfort. Winter is also a busy time for service calls so it’s best to set an appointment before then.

The Heater Checklist

Our technicians will meticulously inspect vital areas of the system for any signs of wear and tear. They will implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of failure. You will be able to sleep soundly knowing that your heater is in top shape heading into the cold months. They will also look after the safety of the family by checking carbon monoxide levels and ensuring that there is proper venting for the byproducts.

Heating Maintenance Service Creston IA

Gilbert Home Comfort Inc. was established in 1983 to serve the needs of the community. More than 30 years later, we are still here thanks to our loyal customers who appreciate our excellent products and services. We provide maintenance service to residents of Creston, as well as other parts of Iowa. Go ahead and give us a call if you want us to take a look at your heater. We guarantee competitive rates and 100% satisfaction.