Gilbert Home Comfort Inc AC Repair Services

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Missouri gets hot in the summertime, oppressively hot. Add to that the record-setting humidity and it can be a brutal mix that can make your home very uncomfortable if it isn’t cooled properly. At Gilbert Home Comfort Inc we understand this. This is why we have been dedicated to bringing some of the best services when it comes to air conditioners for years in the Lake Thunderhead, MO area.


We can take care of just about any problem that you may be having with your AC. You probably have it constantly running because of the summer heat. This means that something is bound to go wrong at some point. We can provide emergency repair, routine servicing, and even complete installs of AC systems in your home. We are dedicated to making sure that your home is comfortable and has clean air.


Things happen. When those things happen you want them to get fixed as quickly as possible. We have a trained team of professional HVAC technicians on call 24/7 to fix just about any problem that you may be experiencing with your air conditioner system. Not having AC can be downright unhealthy in some cases.


It is important to have routine maintenance done on your AC system. In some cases, it is required in order for the air conditioner to remain under the factory warranty. Having routine check ups done on your AC system will go a long way towards getting the most out of your system. Routine maintenance will also ensure that the air conditioner lasts as long as possible.

We have the best air conditioner technicians in the area. They are all highly trained and certified to work on just about any air conditioner system on the market. This is what makes us one of the best companies for AC Repair Service Lake Thunderhead MO has to offer.