Geothermal Energy for Homes Sun Valley Lake IA

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Many of the Sun Valley Lakes are turning to alternative HVAC setups to replace the old ones that don’t work. Well, not that they don’t work, just that traditional heating cooling systems are less efficient in terms of energy savings and providing adequate heating/cooling. The newest alternative in the market is geothermal energy for homes Sun Valley Lake IA.

Geothermal energy refers to the energy trapped beneath the earth after the sun heats the surface during the day. This energy is trapped underground which leads to a constant temperature environment. Geothermal HVAC systems thus are more advantageous because they don’t lose that much energy when providing heating and cooling for homes.

The geothermal heating setup is constructed by installing piping systems in a loop below surface ground. These pipes are hollow to allow water to pass through; cold water from the home travels through these pipes, gets heated, and travels back as hot water. This exchange leads to a constant supply of hot water, cooling, and heating needs in the home. Experts say such a setup leads to energy efficiency of up to 600%; not forgetting that utility costs are slashed by a staggering 80%.

So is geothermal energy for homes Sun Valley Lake IA the new answer to HVAC needs? Absolutely, it fits perfectly to traditional heating and cooling setups and will still be ideal when constructing new homes. Geothermal energy piping is so easy to install; it only takes replacing a specific part of your HVAC system. It uses less energy to provide efficient heating and cooling in the home, not forgetting the huge advantage in energy savings.

Geothermal energy for homes Sun Valley Lake IA is the new way to ‘go green’. It is inexpensive in both installation and operation and works on both traditional and modern HVAC systems. Visit Gilbert Home Comfort Inc today and find out how you can make your home energy efficient using geothermal power.