Expert Heating Repair Service in Lake Thunderhead MO

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In many households, the water heater is an indispensable appliance. It can be very uncomfortable to use cold water during the freezing months. Generally, water heaters have a life expectancy of around eight to ten years. The duration can increase or decrease depending on the frequency of usage and the maintenance of the unit.

Many people just enjoy the benefits of a water heater without taking proper care of it. Here are some major signs to lookout for that indicate you must repair or replace your appliance immediately.

Annoying noises

A heater that bangs, whines, cracks and makes strange noises whenever it is turned on is a sign that it is about to break down. If you have been facing this issue consistently for a long time, it is time to get your heater repaired or replaced.

No warm water

When you turn the heater on only to get cold water, it is definitely a sign that your machine is not working properly.

Dirty water from the shower

If you have rusty water coming from the shower that has a strange metallic taste, it is an indication of water heater failure. It can also be a sign of sediment buildup.

Water around the tank

Water should never collect around your heating unit. If you see pools of water around your tank, this can indicate some form of equipment failure. The best course of action in this case is to call in a plumber.

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