Air Conditioning Installation Leon IA

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Believe it or not, an air conditioners efficiency rating isn’t all or the most crucial factor. In fact, air conditioning installation Leon IA is of prime importance. An improperly installed A/C unit could result in a decrease in the machine’s operating efficiency. Unfortunately, close to 30 percent AC installations are faulty. This translates to wasted energy and dollars. These wastes could have been avoided if the installation was carried out by expert HVAC contractors such as Gilbert Home Comfort

Guidelines for Installation

There are a few factors determining a cooling system’s performance. The AC should be sized correctly, have sufficient airflow, incorporate the right refrigerant amount and have a properly sealed ductwork. An AC unit’s peak performance is guaranteed if the aforementioned aspects are addressed.

  • Sizing
    To size the AC correctly, you must first calculate the house’s cooling requirements. Once the load has been determined, an appropriately sized AC can be purchased. Improper AC size leads to efficiency and comfort issues.
  • Ductwork
    If your home ductwork is leaking, the cooled air generated by the air conditioner would not reach the house’s living spaces, leading to wasted energy leaking out of the improperly sealed connection. A portion of the air conditioning installation Leon IA process entails using duct tape backed by metal or mastic sealant.
  • Airflow
    The cooling system’s correct airflow rates are specified by the manufacturer, which will be adjusted by the contractor time and again. If set too low, sufficient levels of cooled air won’t enter the house. Also, cooling systems need a specific airflow amount above the evaporator coil for ensuring heat absorption and transfer.

  • Hiring reputable contractors may set you back a bit monetarily, but investing in high-quality installation would pay off over time. Gilbert Home Comfort has more than three decades of HVAC experience, and they know how to get quality home comfort done at an affordable price.