AC Maintenance Service Sun Valley Lake IA

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Consumers always expect to get value for their money when they pay for a service. When it comes to AC maintenance, property owners expect HVAC companies to service their AC units with the utmost professionalism. This means taking a step by step approach to servicing the air conditioner and checking every possible area that is likely to develop a problem. It also means using original replacement parts when needed and working swiftly as opposed to dragging your feet to get more billable hours. When in need of AC maintenance service Sun Valley Lake IA residents can count on Gilbert Home Comfort Inc for the highest quality service.

AC Maintenance Service Sun Valley Lake IA

The most important task during air conditioner maintenance is replacement of the air filter. This is the component responsible for removing dust and other airborne particles from air, so it usually gets clogged within a short period of time. Therefore, it should be replaced on a regular basis. If you have a central cooling system, the air ducts must also be cleaned. Since fan and blower blades also come in direct contact with unfiltered air, the blades should also be cleaned. The same applies to the cooling coils. All the moving and rotating parts in the AC system must also be cooled. Our technicians will also check the condition of the thermostat and do a replacement or readjustment to ensure proper functioning of the system.

Why Choose Air Systems Inc?

We are BBB accredited with an impressive A+ rating. This speaks to the quality of service you can expect. All our technicians are NATE certified. They also have several years’ worth of experience in the industry. They are factory trained to handle all types of air conditioning equipment, so you don’t need to worry about the technicians’ ability to service the type of AC machine you have. Call us today to get professional AC maintenance service. Alternatively, you can go to our website and schedule a service.