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Author: CI Web Group Website Administrators  2016/11/03

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for a Malfunctioning Furnace

When your furnace malfunctions, the only first thing that you must do is to identify what kind of problem your heating system is experiencing. The next thing that comes to that is the solution that best applies.

This article will help you on how you can fix some basic problems yourself before you spend money for some heating repair Norwalk IA.

What to Do

  • Replace the filter

If your heating system blows cold air like every 5 minutes, it means you need to check it. Oftentimes, it is only because of a dirty filter. So, the first thing that you should try to do is replace the filter before contacting any repair service.

  • Check the pilot

Inspect and see if your pilot is turned on. Let it stay on especially if you have an older heater which has a pilot. It could be a wall furnace or floor furnace. An explosion could occur if it will not stay on. However, if you cannot turn it on, you can call a gas company to light it up for you. But if there are problems with the heater itself, this calls for a heating repair Norwalk IA.

  • Check the control board light

An indicator light exists on the furnace’s control board, specifically for the latest furnaces. It will blink depending on what is its complication. You can find its guide at the inside or outside of the furnace’s door.

  • Make Sure there is gas

Some people immediately freak out after realizing their heaters are not working only to find out that there is simply no gas. Obviously, if there is no gas, there will be no heat. So, in cases like these, the furnace must be refilled.

  • Check for Power

Logically, if there is no power at the furnace, it won’t turn on. Before you check the breaker of your power system, try turning on the fan of your thermostat. If it works, there is no problem.

These Did Not Help?

If the heating system is not yet working, we can offer you help in order to further perform technical resolutions to the issues that you are experiencing. You can contact us at gilberthomecomfort.com, and we will make sure that each of your heating system problems is reliably addressed.

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