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Heater Tune-Up

There are basically two types of heaters, electric heaters and furnaces. The most popular, however, is the furnace. This type of heating system burns hydrocarbon fuels, such as natural gas, propane and heating oil, to produce the heat energy needed to raise the temperature of air in a room. When hydrocarbons are burned, they often produce soot, which is a dark carbon residue. Soot is normally a by product of incomplete combustion. The main components of the heater are the burner, fuel pump, in case of a heating oil furnace, fuel tank or gas supply, and a chimney to take out any exhaust gasses. Routine maintenance is important in ensuring the heating system works well.

Why you Need Heater Tune Up

Poorly maintained heaters produce a lot of noise, which can make a home uncomfortable. They also burn more fuel or use more electrical energy to keep an indoor space warm. These heaters also break down more often, meaning your home will have spells of chilling indoor temperatures. That is why heater tune up is important.

During the tune-up process, heating technicians will lubricate all moving parts, clean the burner, replace air filters and clean air ducts. Electrical connections will also be checked and bleeding of the fuel line done, if necessary. The condition of the thermostat will also be assessed and a replacement done if the thermostat is in poor working condition. This may also be a great time to replace an old thermostat with a state of the art programmable thermostat.

Hiring a Heating Expert to Service your Heater

Getting value for money is usually the main priority for property owners. When in need of heater tune-up, therefore, home owners should only hire the most qualified HVAC company. The experience, professional qualifications, certifications, type of license and reputation of an HVAC contractor must all be considered before a decision is made.

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