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Heater Maintenance

Heater maintenance helps to increase efficiency and prolong its life. Although some things like setting the temperature and adding insulation's are only done once, others must be done annually. These include checking the installed anode rod and flushing the tank. If done diligently, the water heater often lasts longer and runs smoothly. This becomes economically friendly to the owner.

The benefits of regularly caring for the water heater are immediate. Things like adding insulation can reduce the amount of heat lost by almost 45 percent. This saves energy bills and water heating costs. Flushing all sediment from the water tank also improves efficiency. In addition, it is important to make sure that the anode rod always hangs inside the tank to prevent the inside part from rusting. Note that an old anode rod is cheaper to replace when compared to buying a new heater.

Replacing the Valve

Make sure to test the temperature-pressure-release valve on the tank. It opens whenever the pressure in the tank gets too high. It is tested by lifting its tab to let water out and then letting it go. If the water in the tank keeps flowing, then it should all be drained and the valve replaced.

Removing Sediment

All water that is in the tank should be drained in order to remove any sediment that collects on the bottom. If sediment remains, briefly open the valve that supplies cold-water and drain it again. This process should be repeated until clear water comes out when drained.

Insulating the Pipes

It is advisable to insulate both the cold and hot water pipes. Insulating cold water pipes helps to prevent condensation in summer. Additionally, it is essential to further insulate the whole tank.

While personal maintenance is commonly advised, it is still important to hire a professional every once in a while for thorough inspection and proper heater maintenance services.

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