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AC Tune-Up

Almost every home and business premise in the developed world has an AC system. For these machines to work efficiently, they need to be maintained on a regular basis. AC tune up can help property owners to identify problems early on so that they can take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the machine from breaking down in the future. The tune up process entails; taking the AC unit apart, checking all the internal components, repairing any damage and replacing any worn out parts. It’s a process that can help to keep the machine in great working condition and minimize the frequency of breakdowns.

AC Tune Up Process

An air conditioner is very similar to a refrigeration system. The only difference is that cooling takes place in an enclosed compartment in a refrigerator while an AC cools all the air in the room. Like the refrigerator in your house, the AC also has a compressor, condenser coils, a refrigerant, thermostat and evaporator coils. All these components play an important role in the proper functioning of the AC machine. If any one of them fails, the AC will not work as expected.

How to Service an AC

When tuning the AC, the HVAC expert must open up the air handler and condenser. The air filter must be replaced to improve indoor air quality. The entire refrigerant coil is also cleaned to remove any insulation that may have formed due to accumulation of dust over time. This will improve the heat conductivity of the metal tube. The technician will also check for any loose electrical connections and fasten them. If any of the electrical wires has poor insulation, the technician will replace it. Since the refrigerant is an important part of the cooling system, the technician will check the level and decide whether it needs to be recharged or not. In case of a central air system, the air ducts may also need to be cleaned to remove dust and any debris. It’s important for property owners to hire an experienced, reputable, licensed and certified HVAC contractor to take care of all their air conditioning needs.

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