Everything 4 Pools and Solar are the experienced Volusia County pool equipment repair specialists who are able to save you money on your pool by repairing or troubleshooting your equipment over expensive replacement. If you’ve been having problems with your system, it’s time to call in the experts.

Pool owners know that their filtration systems are the lifeblood of the pool, keeping water sparkling clean and healthy to swim in. It doesn’t take very long before a poorly functioning pump or filter system to start showing signs that it’s not working properly. Water clarity will start to diminish, while tests taken of the water’s quality will clearly show there is a problem.

If you’re noticing a diminishing of your water’s quality, contact the Volusia County pool equipment repair experts from Everything 4 Pools and Solar by calling 407-927-0652. Their experts will have your equipment back up and running again efficiently in no time. While you may be tempted to not take action quickly in order to determine whether or not the problem will correct itself, it’s important to recognize that it won’t self-correct. The sooner you get your equipment looked at by a pro, the lower the risk of permanent damage.

Have you noticed your electric bill increasing? If this is something new, you might consider talking to one of the Volusia County pool equipment repair experts from Everything 4 Pools and Solar about a new pump and filter system that will be far more energy efficient than an older model. If your pool equipment is not modern, you may be throwing money out month after month. A new pump can give you equal or improved water circulation with much less energy consumption, translating to lower monthly electric bills.

Everything 4 Pools and Solar are not just here for equipment repair! They are also Central Florida dealers for FAFCO solar pool heaters, the clear solar pool heating industry leaders for 40 years. As licensed FAFCO contractors, Everything 4 Pools and Solar services, repairs and replaces all major brands throughout Central Florida.

If you’ve been thinking about heating your pool with solar, visit online at Everything4PoolsAndSolar.com to find out how a new FAFCO system can effortlessly heat your pool to your pre-set, desired temperature. FAFCO panels are made of a special polyolefin plastic which includes chemicals that protect the panels for decades against the sun’s harmful UV rays. They are also impervious to wind and weather and will not react with chemicals from your pool, regardless of the system you have in place.

A typical FAFCO heating system can double the swim season of your pool! Call the Volusia County pool equipment repair contractors at 407-927-0652 to learn more about installing a solar heater for your pool, or for an estimate for repairing your current ill-functioning equipment. Everything 4 Pools and Solar are here when you need them, with comprehensive repair services and affordable prices you’ll appreciate.

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