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The significant rise in the price of electricity and the heightened environmental concern have convinced many companies to tap into alternative renewable sources of energy. This way Solar energy has gained a lot of traffic. Solar energy sustainably creates electricity, without causing environmental harm. In other words, you can say it’s the cleanest and stable way of producing energy. Modern and advanced technologies are used to convert into thermal or electrical energy.

Due to increased awareness to diminish finite and harmful pollution effects, demand for renewable sources of energy is taking a new level and more solar energy companies in AZ are prospering. Clear sky solar is one of them that works effortlessly as a green energy company in Phoenix AZ.

5 Ways Our Solar Company In Arizona Can Help You Save Money In Your Home And Establishment:

1) Save Electric Bills For Home And Business:

Solar panels can be the primary source of electricity for your house and businesses. When you install solar panels from us and generate electricity, this means you no longer have to depend on the local utility company. Also in case if your solar panel produces surplus energy, you can benefit from it at the time of night or shady when the sun is not available. In any case, you can depend on a local utility company at any time. This causes an immense fall in your electricity bills.

2) Tax Credits:

Deciding to switch to solar panels you get the merit to enjoy many incentives provided by local, federal, and state government in a form of tax credit and grants.

  • The Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit indemnifies you 25% of the cost of your solar panels, in the installing year your income tax is eliminated up to $1,000.
  • You are freed from solar equipment sales tax.
  • The property tax that you are liable to pay to add additional value to your home is right off.
  • The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to enjoy the reduced cost of your PV solar energy system by 26%.

3) Save On Water Heating:

Natural gas also works like solar power. By obtaining energy from the sun you take off the burden to rely on natural oil-based energy sources. So installing solar hot water systems from us as we are the most reputable renewable energy company in AZ you get to acquire benefits to convert into the thermal energy from the sun and then utilize it to heat water for your home.

4) Advantage Of Net Metering:

When your solar panel is producing electricity but is not being utilized because there is no need for it currently. This means your house can benefit from net metering. What is net metering? Net metering is the surplus energy that is produced but not being utilized by your house. This excess energy is sent back to the grid to be utilized for later use like at night. In this way use right off the coast of that energy.

5) Electric car saving:

Car companies are making an effort to introduce more electric cars in the market. These electric cars need to be charged for your household and your business. Visit solar companies in Arizona and install solar panels that can be worth it, as the energy produced by solar panels helps you to charge an electric car, saving you huge bills.

So if you are looking for renewable energy companies in Arizona and don’t want to be targeted by these hiking electric bills, and earn more revenue for the business by attaining a “green” label. Count on us to benefit from sustainable energy. (480) 808-8540

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