Compliance Testing, LLC has conducted fast and precise compliance testing, product safety, and provided FCC certification among several other accreditations for over fifty years.

We have mastered the art of delivering FCC, EMI, EMC, IC, and RF compliance testing to electronic companies across different continents.

We go through the process with you, and as a full-service compliance testing laboratory, the entirety of your FCC certification is managed by our team of experienced engineers.

Why do I need to partner with Compliance Testing, LLC for my FCC certification?

Since 1963, Compliance Testing, LLC has delivered the best compliance testing services across the globe. We have broken boundaries by reaching new horizons and creating strong partnerships along the way and have obtained the ANAB accredited to ISO 17025.

We are proud to be one of the oldest test laboratories in the United States and have hired only the best hands at our laboratory with engineers who possess over thirty years of experience in this field. Compliance Testing, LLC has partnered with some of the largest radio manufacturers in the sector.

You can also trust us to effectively manage all your FCC certification needs, as well as your product safety and certification requirements.

At Compliance Testing, LLC, we boast of a success story like no other in the industry; first to successfully place a submission for a cell phone, also the first to obtain certification for both CDMA and TDMA cell phones in the industry.

We have successfully delivered thousands of FCC certifications and IC submissions and possess several certifications.

Do you desire a swift response in service delivery? Well, you have nothing to worry about in this aspect because Compliance Testing, LLC provides you with quick tests and certification turnarounds.

We also offer our partners pre-scans and apply an automated testing report generation approach as this has proven to increase efficiency.

We conduct FCC and IC compliance test for Satellite radios, IoT, WIMAX (802.16), ZIGBEE (802.15.14), WIFI (802.110), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), aviation radios, wireless, short-range transmitters, musical equipment, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, PCS, Bluetooth, consumer electronics, among several others.

Compliance Testing, LLC offers different types of regulatory testing as part of our FCC testing services, some of which are SAR (RF exposure), OTA, P25, P25 Interop testing, research and development, ETSI (EU radio testing), EMC (emission and immunity – EU), among others.

When you reach out to us concerning any of our services such as FCC certification and request a quote, feedback is sent within two business days, we also ensure to work with deadlines by offering favorable testing schedules. Our customized quotes sent to you have been carefully looked into to ensure our partners get their money's worth.

There are very few laboratories that can offer these services at a reasonable fee like Compliance Testing, LLC, partner with us today and request a quote and let's help you obtain that FCC certification you deserve to get your business started.

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