3 Key Questions For Duct Cleaners In Atlanta, GA

Are you someone who is in search of the best duct cleaners in the Atlanta, GA? Are you struggling to locate the companies that are best suited to meet your needs? If so, there are a few key questions that you need to be asking of any duct cleaners from Atlanta, GA that you are considering.

Let’s take a closer look at the three key questions that must be asked before you make a final decision about the company that is best for you. By reading on to learn more, you are able to learn everything that you need to know about every company that you meet with.

1) Do I Need a Cleaning?

The best companies for your needs are not going to force you into a air duct cleaning that you do not truly need and they are willing to be as honest with you as possible during your initial consultation. The average home requires a duct cleaning every three to five years and if you are someone whose home has been cleaned recently, there are additional issues that you need to watch out for.

For example, even homes that have received air duct cleaning services within the specified amount of time may still need additional assistance. If you have any fear of mold growing inside of your ducts, this is a sure sign that you need a professional cleaning service to assist you immediately.

2) Are Your Prices Commiserate With Your Services?

There are a wide range of duct cleaners that are able to assist Atlanta, GA homeowners and when you are trying to find the company that works best for you, you need to be fully aware of the pricing standards in your area. While prices for duct cleaning services will vary depending on the region, no service should be charging you more or less than the service is actually worth.

The best companies are those that do not rely on bait and switch tactics. Prices for duct cleaning will typically range between $400 and $1,000 and any company that falls outside of these parameters is not one that you should be considering. The same goes for companies that offer “coupons” for inexpensive services that are merely a prelude to all sorts of hidden fees.

3) Do You Have The Proper Insurance?

A top notch duct cleaner will not only have the proper insurance, but they will also be willing to provide you with the necessary evidence of its existence. The two main forms of insurance that you need to be asking for proof of are liability insurance and workers compensation.

If you hire a company that does not have the ability to provide you with proof of these forms of insurance, you could be left holding the bag for various expenses over the long haul. When workers are injured on the job and damages are caused to the home, a company that does not have the proper insurance will not be able to assist with the expenses that occur as a result.


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