custom marble countertops in Hollywood

If you are wondering where to find a custom marble countertop in Hollywood, Xtreme Countertops in Fort Lauderdale is a one-stop shop for fabrication and installation. We help keep costs low with professional services and certified work.

What are the benefits of a marble countertop?

Marble is a simple and elegant substance that offers a smooth and polished veneer to any room or outdoor area. The rock weathers the elements and remains unblemished for decades.

The durability of marble is the reason it is widely used in a variety of artistic pieces. From headstones to monument and statues, the products we want to last are made with rock.

Does a marble counter or tile add value to my home?

Stone tiles add a level of value both monetary and aesthetic. If you are replacing a counter or tile from the age of linoleum, they will add to your home price.

Buyers also love the quality of marble. The swirls and lines, as well as smooth touch, are among the most desirable.

What colors can my marble countertop be?

Marble is typically a creamy color. From the pillars of ancient Rome to the steps of your capitol building, white marble is a common construction material.

There are some options when deciding on your marble. Green and rose are among the limited color options. Granite offers more variety. We carry a variety of rock to help your vision become a reality.

How can I maintain my marble counters?

Maintaining marble counters is simple. Like their granite counterparts, rock is less porous than wood or plastic. Spills and stains are almost unheard of.

Getting rid of substances is as easy as using a household cleaner and a rag. The process is the same for bacteria removal. Your marble counters and tiles will rarely warp from a solid scrub or mop.

Do I need a fabricator for my custom marble design?

Cutting marble for construction is an industrial-grade process. Heavy rock cutters are dangerous, and rock fragments cause injury. The method of cutting rock is not like cutting wood where goggles and a steady hand are often all that is needed.

A precise and heavy saw is required to cut your counter into different shapes. Our fabrication center creates accurate cuts without worry.

Certified marble countertop installer

When your counter is ready for installation, Xtreme Countertops is available to help. We cut your stone to shape and offer certified work.

Using our experts helps reduce cost as there is no need to continually markup materials. Natural beauty does not need to break the bank.

Custom Marble Countertop in Hollywood

Custom countertops are a valuable addition to your home. They offer elegance and allow every room, barbecue area, pool, or firepit to shine.

Our fabrication and installation experts help you achieve your vision within your budget. We are ready to help with your next project. Visit our website for a gallery of completed projects and get in touch today for a custom quote.

custom marble countertops in Hollywood

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