Concrete Slab Sawing And Drilling Kansas City

Concrete cutting entails controlled sawing, drilling, and concrete removal – all tasks best performed by experts. Concrete slab sawing is used to repair existing structures and features like sunken or cracked pavements that require repair. There are dangers when it comes to concrete slab sawing and drilling in Kansas City. However, if you are using professionals like us at KC Coring & Cutting who adhere to safety guidelines, the risks are minimized, and the job is done right.

Why Hire Expert Concrete Cutters?

Whether you need concrete drilled, sawed, or cut, it makes sense to enlist the services of professionals, and here's why.


One of the reasons for hiring professional concrete cutters is safety. Cutting concrete safely involves two levels:

  • The risk of exposure to concrete dust – Exposure to this dust can have long-term consequences on your health. For instance, it can lead to silicosis, where fine silica dust is trapped in the lungs, affecting your lung capacity and can even cause cancer. Presently, there's no cure for silicosis, making it vital to use effective dust extraction and wet cutting methods.
  • The risk of injury– diamond-coated blades and drills spinning at fast speeds cut through concrete, steel, and stone. Knowing how to handle such high-powered, heavy-duty equipment is crucial. Wearing protective gear like work boots, helmets, gloves, goggles, face masks, and earmuffs is essential. Our professional concrete cutters come armed with such protective wear.

Knowledge and Experience

A professional concrete cutter has plenty of experience and knowledge. They understand concrete and how to prevent it from falling apart or cracking after it's cut. If concrete isn't cut properly, it can crack or spall.

Additionally, concrete cutting can have its fair share of challenges. For instance, if the project entails drilling holes at odd angles or working in tight spaces, letting experts like us handle the job can be best for your chances of success and peace of mind.

At KC Coring & Cutting, we know what is required to cut through reinforced concrete and understand how materials inside the concrete react to the equipment we use.

Quality Setup

The key to the successful completion of a concrete cutting project lies in the setup. For example, setting up a wire saw or concrete drill needs precision adjustments with plenty of rigging to ensure the equipment cuts correctly. Inaccurate rigging can result in cutting at the wrong angle or place, damage to the equipment, and present a safety hazard. At KC Coring & Cutting, we are familiar with the right setup and have experience handling various unique situations. As such, we can adjust our equipment to cut in ways you never imagined.

Equipment and Tools

Proper tools and equipment needed to saw and drill concrete are different from what is ordinarily found in many people's toolboxes.

  • Concrete saws – These are special saws that usually use water to cool the blade as concrete is cut. The saw size depends on the project's size, and our experts will select the saw that works best for the job.
  • Diamond blades – A saw with a diamond blade is used to cut through concrete and any reinforcement inside, such as steel rebars. If you attempt to cut through concrete using the wrong blade and hit the steel reinforcements, you could end up damaging the concrete or saw.

Cutting concrete requires high-performance equipment that only top-rated companies like ours can provide.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

When it comes to concrete, reversing any process is next to impossible. Getting an amateur to undertake the project can compromise the entire job. That is why precision is vital in this line of work. Ensuring that everything that should not be cut isn't, and what has to be cut is cut is critical. We utilize different techniques at KC Coring & Cutting to make sure concrete is cut square or flush with another surface.

Saves Money and Time

Speed in concrete cutting can be achieved in several ways, including:

  • Machine features – Machines with higher horsepower cut through concrete quicker.
  • Choice of equipment– For larger projects, a walk-behind road saw can work faster than a handheld saw.

Top-Quality Concrete Cutting Services

Cutting concrete requires a high level of precision and extensive knowledge of building practices. At KC Coring & Cutting, we offer a wide array of concrete services. If you have a project involving concrete slab sawing and drilling in Kansas City, we will perform it to your satisfaction. With something as crucial as concrete cutting and removal, you do not want to guess. We are professionals, and we can help. Call KC Coring & Cutting today at 816-523-2015.

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