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Commercial Gas Fireplace Vs. Electric Fireplace: Which Option Should You Go For?

Fireplaces are fantastic additions to both homes or businesses. They provide heat and great ambiance (along with increasing the resell value of the property). Since each fireplace options have different benefits and downsides, which should you opt for? Unfortunately, choosing the best fireplace for your home or business space can be an overwhelming decision. Today we will provide useful information regarding fireplaces to allow you make a suitable choice. This article features two key types namely; Commercial Gas Fireplace and Electric Gas Fireplace. Read further and learn more.

Commercial Gas Fireplace

A Commercial Gas Fireplace is a perfect option for people who want to enjoy every benefit a traditional fireplace offers with less hassle. Below are the advantages of gas powered fireplaces:

    Real Flames: Which is something that other alternative fireplaces can’t provide.
    Convenient Control: They are easy to control using dedicated ignition switches, intensity knobs, and totally shut off valves.
    Highly Reliable: Home owners who use gas powered fireplaces do not need to worry about not being unable to turn on their fireplace when there is no power. The natural gas lines provide constant flow of fuel. The ignition switches are usually battery-powered.
    Increases Property Value: A gas fireplace is an excellent option for home buyers due to their simple maintenance requirements and convenience.

Electric Fireplaces

It is true that electric fireplaces have improved in the last few years becoming more popular in homes and businesses but are they ideal for you? See some benefits of this option below:

    Convenient Design Options: Electric powered fireplaces are built in a host of convenient designs and can be mounted in walls, centered in rooms, or transported easily between rooms.
    Safety: Since electric flames are simulated, it eliminates the issue of house fires.
    Convenient Operation: Electric fireplaces are controlled easily as well with a remote controller.
    Precise Temperature Control: An electric fireplace works similarly with space heaters. Business or home owners can choose the heat production or use their unit as a decoration.

Final Verdict

From the above comparison, it is safe to conclude that commercial gas fireplaces are more efficient regarding use of heat (since they can be ignited, deactivated, or adjusted to achieve your desired temperature levels using a controller in an instant). This gratification capability ensures that there is no heat or resources wasted. Gas fireplaces offer versatility (as they can fit into almost any space). Due to the option of vented or non-vented units, they can be included to an existing fireplace or even mounted free standing or on a wall.

The option to safely burn keeps growing as well which is an excellent way to diversify the shape and look of your home’s fireplace. With multiple options like gas logs and fire beads, to choose from, home or business owners can switch the look of their fireplace with little cleaning. All gas fireplaces offer safe and efficient burning as well as little room for pollution. They have little or no need for maintenance. Note that this is not to say that electric fireplaces aren’t efficient, but for this review, we have chosen to go with gas fireplaces.