The person who works with agricultural tractors knows that the accessories they need will facilitate all the tasks to be performed. A plowing machine will do the job in a couple of hours when manually it can take days.

Agricultural implements were designed to make life in the field much simpler, with these tools all activities become lighter and faster.

Here are seven accessories that should not be missing on your tractor.


The subsoiler is a working equipment for the primary preparation of soils, its main job is to remove the deepest surface, due to the need to break layers hardened by traffic and achieve greater soil fertility.

Attachments For Tractors


The plow is a tillage tool used to increase porosity to favor plant growth, although when removing the soil it is possible that water is lost by evaporation and some soil is lost by erosion, the eventual rains wash away nutrients and fertilizers that may have been applied to the soil.


The disc harrows are working equipment for secondary soil preparation, mainly. Their task is to prepare the seedbed without exceeding 10 to 15 cm of working depth.

With the disc harrow we can chop and crumble stubble, level the soil for sowing and mix other materials such as manure.

Pneumatic precision seed drill

The pneumatic precision seed drills use an air suction system to fill the cells, so that the seeds remain bound in the cavity until they are deposited and the suction effect disappears. The main advantage of the system is that it can be adapted to almost any seed shape.


The sprinkler transforms a liquid into a spray for irrigation, fertilization, insecticide, herbicide and foliar application. The advantage of this device is that it expels water by means of a curtain, as far as its output pressure capacity and nozzle type allow it.


The trailer is a basic non-motorized harvesting and loading vehicle with different capacities and dimensions according to the needs of agricultural or livestock work.

Front loader

A front loader installed on an agricultural tractor provides the necessary versatility to convert the tractor into a loading equipment, through which you can perform different activities such as; earth moving, cleaning corrals, loading and unloading trailers, handling agricultural inputs, etc.

All these implements and more are available for you to perform your work more efficiently and generate greater productivity in your crops. For more information call the Heavy Hitch hotline 1-888-337-8999 and one of our consultants will assist you.

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Attachments For Tractors