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How Restoring Your HVAC System Will Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Author: CI Web Group Website Administrators  2017/01/18

HVAC systems remain one of the greatest investments in the construction of a building. Homeowners must, therefore, make it a priority to keep the system in optimal operating conditions. After some years, environmental conditions contribute to the deterioration of the HVAC system, which results in reduced efficiency. With reduced efficiency, energy consumption increases since the system is pushed to meet the current demand. Reduced system efficiency results in poor indoor air quality. Replacing the whole system can be quite expensive. This is why Gilbert Home Comfort offers HVAC system restoration services. This helps to maintain optimal operation of the system that guarantees good indoor air quality in Osceola, IA area.

Restoring Fiberglass Insulation

Constant heating and cooling coupled with high-velocity airflow and other harsh conditions eventually crash some components within the system. Insulation is one of the fragile components that easily breaks downs. The aforementioned factors contribute to the breakdown of the fiberglass insulation whether it is externally wrapped or internally lined. Some fiberglass particles can mix with air thereby contaminating home and work environment. This can lead to respiratory and skin problems.

Repairs or restoration of such elements is critical for the optimal operation of the whole HVAC system. Gilbert Home Comfort can perform external and internal insulation restoration to your specifications and ensure improved indoor air quality in Osceola, IA. Our accredited technicians can perform a full assessment of the HVAC system if you contact us today. You can get prompt services that guarantee the optimal functioning of your system.

Dealing with Rust

Over the years, rust will form when HVAC system components are exposed to moisture. Rust can lead to breakdown of some components and reduce their functionality. Additionally, rust particles can travel by the air inside and contaminate indoor areas. Gilbert Home Comfort has the expertise to apply a special coating that prevents rust from re-appearing. Repairs can be made in areas where corrosion is severe and rust-resistant coat applied. This can be done to other components like condensate pans, ductwork and external and internal panels.

indoor air quality in Osceola, IA

Maintenance of Condensate Pan

A condensate pan becomes corroded if exposed to moisture over time. This will lead to the formation of rust, which can also result in leakages. Eventually, the drain is clogged with metal particles creating a good environment for mold and bacteria. The only remedy for this is to restore or replace the condensate pan. An experienced technician can deal with the rust and install a new surface in the existing pan rather than replace the whole condensate pan. It is for this reason that you should hire experienced technicians. This will save you labor costs and time.

The aforementioned HVAC issues can be dealt with to improve the performance of the HVAC system and reduce energy bills. Moreover, dealing with these issues results to improved indoor air quality in Osceola, IA. You can contact us today and get quality services for all your HVAC maintenance needs.

Take charge of your indoor environment and enlist the services of experts. Let accredited technicians restore your HVAC system for improved indoor air quality. Call us today on 641-446-4822.

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