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Indoor Air Quality

Importance Of Testing Indoor Air Quality

It is important to ensure that the air quality of all houses and offices is clean and free of contaminants and other toxins. This safeguards the health of loved ones and improves the quality of work environments. It is therefore important to ensure excellent indoor air quality by keeping all indoor areas sparkling clean and regularly testing the air for contaminants.

Common Air Contaminants

When it comes to matters of health and safety, everybody should take a more proactive approach to solve the problem of contaminated and unhealthy air environments in homes. Common contaminants found in indoor air include the following: Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, radon, bacteria, yeast, mold, allergens, hydrothermal agents, aerobiology (fungus), pollen, dust particles and formaldehyde.

Air Testing Kits

Since most of these contaminants are not easily detectable or visible, it is important to purchase testing kits that can be used in homes, offices and other indoor areas. There are different variations of air testing kits. Therefore, some are made to test for specific contaminants alone. This means that one should have the right information and knowledge about the test kits before purchasing one.

Furthermore, their prices range from $50 dollars up to $1,600 dollars. The price difference is dependent on the total number of contaminants that is tested for as well as the area covered. Some air tests can be performed at home while others must be sent to a professional laboratory for further analysis. Additionally, some kits may show results after only a few hours while others require several weeks.

Sometimes it is important to hire professionals to come and test the indoor air quality instead of doing it yourself. This is because they are more experienced and have better equipment for carrying out different tests. Gilbert Home Comfort offers quality services to all its clients. The firm may be reached at 642-446-HVAC.

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