Heater Replacement

Most of the time our heaters work great and provide the heat we need to feel comfortable and warm. However, there are certain signs that your furnace may need to be replaced, especially if it is 15 years or older. If your furnace is older than 15 years, you may see a drop in efficiency and a need to repair or replace it.

Another heater replacement symptom is if you see that your heating bills are increasing faster than normal. As a furnace ages, it loses its efficiency, especially if they are not regularly maintained. In addition, if more frequent repairs have been occurring in the last couple of years, it may be time to have it replaced.

Miscommunication between your thermostat and your furnace may also be another symptom that your heater is giving out. Walk through your home and see if some rooms feel too warm while other rooms feel too cold. If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat to feel comfortable, this may be a sign that your heater is malfunctioning.

Odd noises coming from your furnace may be another symptom that your furnace is deteriorating. In addition, if your home looks dusty and dry, more than usual, this may indicate that your furnace is improperly working. Also, if you notice that your indoor allergies are more noticeable than usual, you may want to have an HVAC professional check it out. Most importantly, if you or your family is experiencing headaches or nausea, you could be experiencing exposure to carbon monoxide, which could be an extreme health hazard. If that is the case, make sure that everyone gets out of the house immediately.

To conclude, heaters keep us comfortable and warm; however, if your furnace is over 15 years, it may be time to replace it. Talk with heater replacement specialist, soon!